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Considering GHHS's Two Weeks Before the Mast program? Richard L. is here to help you prepare!

GHHS's Two Weeks Before the Mast program has expanded to include an online preparatory component called Recreational Marlinspike. The course is for the recreational mariner interested in the history of tall ships, learning the basics of sailing, getting a taste of the tall ship world and going on the adventure of a lifetime. Once students work through their online coursework, they join a Grays Harbor Historical Seaport vessel for a two week onboard crewing experience. Interested participants can learn more directly through Grays Harbor Historical Seaport HERE.

GHHS Tall Ships: Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain

Students who join the program will get to work with TSC instructor Richard Lauridsen throughout their distance learning Recreational Marlinspike course. Learn a bit more about our newest team member below:

TSC Recreational Marlinspike Instructor: Richard Lauridsen

"Hello! I’m very passionate about sailing and it is an honor to work with others in opening these doors to new experiences. I am “Bareboat Certified” through the American Sailing Association, an experienced educator and an experienced mountaineering instructor.  My strengths are helping students break barriers that stand in the way of their goals. I have been privileged to have had many mentors help me get to where I am today. I see it as a responsibility and an honor to do the same for others.

I was fortunate to be introduced to sailing by my father as a child.  His love for the sea became mine and led me to experiences with the U.S.N Sea Cadets, building a wooden sailboat, boat ownership, and eventually to my ASA sailing certification.  My ASA certification is an alternative to boat ownership and allows me to rent a boat from charter companies. It also allows me to skipper various makes and models of sailing vessels.  I have gained most of my experience skippering 42 foot bareboat charter sailboats. My stomping ground is the Salish Sea in the northwest where my wife and I do yearly week long cruises to wonderful uninhabited islands in the San Juan archipelago and into Canada.  My experiences in alpine climbing and sailing go hand in hand, especially since most modern mountaineering rope-craft techniques were taken from traditional tall ship sailing techniques. These combined experiences have made me keen about safety and risk management, and have given me the opportunity to pass on skills to others. 

I currently live in Spokane, Washington with my wife, where we both teach in the local public schools.  Spokane is ideal for our outdoor lifestyle. We fill our free time with our many outdoor hobbies and have an ideal base as a jump off point to the Canadian Rockies, the Pacific Northwest Cascade mountains and the Salish Sea. 

I look forward to great conversations and to helping you succeed in your goals. I am always at your service."


Richard Lauridsen

TSC Recreational MarlinSpike Instructor

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