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Calling All Online Educators: TSC is Hiring

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The Seafarer Collective is seeking an Instructor and Student Services Assistant for our online merchant mariner credentialing courses. Learn more, and check out some FAQs about the position below:

Let's get some folks on ships!

How exciting! Who exactly is hiring?
We are guessing that you know who TSC is since you are reading this posting, but just in case, here are the broad strokes: The Seafarer Collective is a program of the non-profit maritime organization, Grays Harbor Historical Seaport. The Seafarer Collective's mission is to provide accessible learning platforms, career mentorship, and crew volunteer opportunities to aspiring mariners.
How many hours is the job, and where will I be expected to work?

This is a part-time position at 5 hours a week, and the role supports the educational goals of The Seafarer Collective (TSC) by directly interacting with online students as well as providing clerical support to the program. This position requires the ability to work remotely and with a flexible schedule.

Love it, what is the actual gig?

As a TSC Instructor, you will work with the TSC Lead Instructor to provide individual or group instruction in our online classroom (we use a learning management system called Eliademy). You will communicate with TSC students using email and Eliademy to post discussion board assignments and responses, share resources such as course material or lecture notes, grade assignments, answer student questions, etc. To learn more about our current online courses, visit the following links:

What does the day to day look like?

The Lead Instructor will meet with you weekly via phone to discuss the week’s lesson and to delegate responsibilities. Detailed Responsibilities include assisting the lead instructor with the following tasks:

  • Answer student questions related to the course content

  • Resolve student technical or connectivity issues

  • Reply to student messages

  • Grade student assignments

  • Assess student progress and record milestones in student tracking spreadsheet

  • Suggest program or curriculum improvements to school administrators

  • Maintain required records and file student paperwork

  • Respond to students within 24 hours Mon-Friday

If hired, how will I interact with the broader program?

The Program Director will meet with you as needed to discuss student services tasks and to delegate responsibilities. Detailed Responsibilities include assisting the Program Director with the following tasks:

  • Organizing emails containing general program inquiries

  • Responding to emails from prospective students

  • Organizing incoming student paperwork

All of this sounds so appealing, am I the right person for the job?


  1. A passion for and background in maritime combined with a love for being organized

  2. Self-motivated and goal oriented with discipline to stay on task

  3. Experience teaching (non-traditional such as shipboard or wilderness is fine)

  4. Ability to respond to email and complete work online during the work week

  5. Have reliable high-speed internet access and a computer with Google Chrome

  6. Meet with the Lead Instructor by phone weekly, attend weekly all-staff meetings

  7. Commitment to TSC’s mission of diversity and inclusivity

  8. Preferred - Hold a Merchant Mariner Credential

  9. Applicants with no tallship experience should be willing to volunteer on the GHHS vessels at some point within six months of employment start for 1-2 weeks in order to gain a greater understanding of our program

May I ask about money? I hope so since this is a job posting.

Salary and Commitment:

  • This position requires a commitment of 5 hours per week.

  • This position pays $18.50 per hour, with a maximum of 5 hours per week. You will be required to submit a timesheet. You will be paid as a contractor and receive a check monthly.

I want to apply! How can I make this happen?

APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH EOD ON FEBRUARY 22, 2019. Submit a resume, cover letter, and contact information for three professional references.

Send your material to TSC lead instructor Sarah (Herard) Hirsch

We look forward to hearing from you!

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