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Bluewater Maritime Consulting Blog Post: Reviewing The USCG Exam Question Bank

It is time for another wonderful blog post by Capt. Sarah Herard at Bluewater Maritime Consulting! Learn more about the USCG Merchant Mariner exam question bank below:

" For those of you who have ever gone to a USCG Regional Exam Center to test for a Merchant Mariner Credential:

Have you ever sat in front of your multiple choice test and asked yourself, "Who is responsible for making sure the USCG Merchant Mariner exam questions are accurate and relevant?

In this video I outline my experience as a new member of the Coast Guard Examination Working Group, and my visit to the National Maritime Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Spend the next 6 minutes with me as I share insight on the review process.

Please email me with questions or comments! "

Thanks for the great information, Sarah!

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