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The Seafarer Collective’s Online AB is a USCG approved distance learning course. Study material is designed to be completed in four weeks, at the student’s convenience on the distance learning platform, Thinkific. 


Students can access the course online any time of day from a laptop or tablet, wherever they are based. This course is geared towards motivated learners who want to work at their interested pace with the support and encouragement of an instructor and other classmates.


An online discussion board and three live webinars will give students the chance to ask questions and share ideas. The instructor is available by phone and email to support students. At the conclusion of the course students attend an in-person exam that is administered by an approved TSC instructor. 

Mariners who pass their Seafarer Collective AB exams will be presented with a certificate of course completion for their Able Seaman (Domestic), which can be presented to the USCG National Maritime Center upon application for a merchant mariner credential.  

The Sea Service requirements for AB and Lifeboatman Limited are the following:


Minimum sea service requirement for an AB Sail is 180 days, and 360 for AB Special. Without a full Lifeboatman course, the mariner must reach 360 days of sea service to qualify for Lifeboatman Limited, as well as complete shipboard assessments. Students will learn how to work with their captain/mate to complete their required shipboard assessments in this course.


If a student is interested in earning their full Lifeboatman and/or only has 180 days of sea service, they will need to take a separate, in-person (not online) Lifeboatman course.

Example Course Schedule:

December 9 (Sunday):

Course start and 1 hour intro Webinar

December 10 (Monday):

Week 1 starts

December 16 (Monday):

Week 2 starts

December 24 (Monday): 

Week 3 starts

December 30 (Sunday):

How to complete your USCG Application Webinar

December 31 (Monday):

Week 4 starts

January 3 (Thursday): 

Course Review Session Webinar

January 5 (Saturday):

Exams - In-Person - Aberdeen, WA


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