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The Seafarer Collective strives to support mariners at all stages of their professional development.

We invite interested candidates to explore the two branches of Financial Aid - Crew Development Grants and

TSC Student Scholarships.

Note: We do not currently provide financial aid for our Recreational Marlinspike Course. 

Seafarer Collective Student Scholarships are need based tuition relief awards for new mariners wishing to join the Entry Level Merchant Mariner Course.  The scholarship request is built into the Program Application, so there is only one packet to fill out. You must attach your most recent pay stub or bank account statement to show financial need.



Crew Development Grants are need based financial awards designed to support experienced Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Sailors in earning USCG licensing and credentials. Note: Crew Development Grants can be applied to our USCG Online AB Certificate Program.  

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