The Seafarer Collective is a program of the non-profit maritime organization, 
Grays Harbor Historical Seaport. The Seafarer Collective's mission is to provide accessible learning platforms, career mentorship, and crew volunteer opportunities to aspiring mariners. 
TSC offerings include a broad range of self-paced online courses, 
community industry panels, vessel open houses, 
mariner mentorships, volunteer crew placement, 
and USCG licensing support

TSC offers scholarships, grants, and free community

events to support equal access to

TSC resources.  
Depending on interest and experience, TSC students join one of three self-paced online course paths to increase their knowledge and understanding of the maritime industry: 
1) The Entry-Level Merchant Mariner 
2) The Able Bodied Seaman
3) The Recreational Marlinspike  
Each course is uniquely designed to prepare students for volunteer crewing opportunities onboard a variety of vessels. At the conclusion of their coursework, many SC students will apply to the National Maritime Center to receive an entry-level Merchant Mariner Credential or Able Bodied Seaman Endorsement.





We believe that equity and diversity are essential to a thriving, modern maritime workforce. In order to fulfill our mission to change the face of the maritime industry, we must take into account our society’s inequalities, including those based on race, class, gender,

sexuality, ability, and geography.


Through the direct support of women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, registered tribal members and the coastal residents of the waters that we impact, we will continue to break barriers and create opportunities that challenge the status quo.

Whether you are interested in commercial tugboats, cruise ships, traditional tall ships, or are just considering your options in the maritime industry, TSC is here to guide you as you navigate your first steps in exploring what it means to be a mariner.  

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